Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Every city we operate in in China provides a simple, yet valuable service and Tianjin is no different. We know good laundry service isn’t only needed in China’s biggest cities. Just click the button above to get started.

  • Pickup and delivery

    Designed to save you time.

  • Prompt turnaround

    Laundry is returned in 3 days.

  • Online ordering/payment

    Easy online process to schedule your pickup and pay for your service.

Our services

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When can you pick up my clothes?

Noon is our cutoff time so if you place your order by then, we can pick up on the same day.

You can also place the order the day before you'd like it picked up.

When can you deliver my clothes?

3 days, by 22:00 (Eg. Monday pickup, Thursday delivery).

How can I pay?

Credit cards, WeChat pay, and Alipay accepted.

I’m not sure how much my clothes weigh. What should I do?

Estimating is fine.